Name Changes

Name Change

Name Changes

Unless the restoral of a former name in a divorce case is requested, name changes are handled in civil court. When the petition for a name change is filed, a court hearing will be set, which will take place in about 6 weeks. A legal notice will have to be published in a local newspaper once a week for 4 weeks. Proof of the publication must be filed at the court before a name change is granted. It is very important that the publication is started right away to be sure that the court’s requirements have been met prior to the hearing. This is required for children and adults.

Do you need a name change? Many people do. If you want to change your own name, your child’s name or restore your former name after a divorce, our team can help with your name change. We assist with civil name changes and restoral of former names through the civil and family law courts.

The most common type of name change we are asked to help with is for a minor child. For various reasons, the parent with custody desires their family name to be given to the child. Even when the non-custodial parent can’t be found, we help with all the documents and the legal steps required so this is successfully & legally accomplished. We will guide you to amend the birth certificate reflecting the name change.

Adults frequently need to legally change their names. When least expected, serious consequences arise when people use different names on different legal documents. For example, using a middle name or nick name as a first name or an inadvertent name change made during the immigration process can cause delays in important matters such as obtaining a license or collecting social security. We’ve seen many situations where an important process comes to a sudden halt because of this. But sometimes, adults just want a different name altogether. We help with that too.

It’s common for a wife to forget to request her former name in a divorce. If you are legally divorced, it’s not too late to change your name. Let us know if you need our assistance.